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We have a wide variety of orthopedic products that are scientifically designed to accelerate the healing process, resulting in a reduced recovery time for your body and, at the same time, provide maximum support and comfort. Their uses vary, since some promote healing or straighten weak joints, while others avoid the recurrent movement that causes pain, as well as to perform a physical activity safely or for athletes who already suffer an injury and want to continue training . Sports orthoses are for upper and lower extremities (arms, legs), the trunk and the hip. We advise our clients.
* Helmets cranial protection                                     * Abdominal belts with or without perineal piece            * Harnesses
* Soft, semi-rigid and rigid collars                             * Padded slings                                                           * Espalier
* Abdominal belts                                                   * Elbow pads for neoprene epicondylitis                        * Corsets
* Sacrolumbar neoprene girdles                                * Post-surgical shoes                                                  * Anklets
* Elastic wrist bands with or without splint                 * Silicone padded insole and heel cups                           * Liners
* Padded ambidextrous shoulder immobilizers            * Padded silicone separators
* Knee pads with side stabilizers                                * Technical socks
Soft, semi-rigid and rigid partial and total support collars
Translucent, reinforced and semi-rigid neoprene shawls
Open, short and long elastic wrist bands with or without splint
Ambidextrous padded shoulder immobilizers
Knee pads open or closed with side stabilizers
Abdominal belts with or without perineal piece
Padded slings
Elbow pads for epicondylitis with or without neoprene pad
Post-surgical shoes of various heights
Insoles and heel inserts
with and without lining,
padded with silicone
Padded separators with silicone
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