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The Pressotherapy is a non-invasive technique that uses the positive air pressure that is alternating upward, to perform a lymphatic drainage.

Among its benefits are: the treatment of edema, stimulation of the circulatory system, increased oxygenation of the body, stimulation of the immune system and toning of muscles.

The treatment is provided through cuffs, special for pressotherapy, which cover the legs and arms, and which consist of 3 ways for a progressive entry of positive pressure.

In addition to leg and arm cuffs, our customers will find products such as:

  • Compressor Advance 1000 (8 pressure levels for greater effectiveness of the therapy).
  • Facial and nasal masks (manufactured in one piece, with front support, silicone pad and are removable for better cleaning.We have a wide range of sizes).
  • Nasal masks with pad (made in one piece, with 360 ° rotating elbow and removable for better cleaning).
  • ICH Prime (light and compact software incorporated for data download and medical control, incorporates 300 ml water tank and transport bag).
  • Miniplus nebulizer (lightweight, with reduced dimensions and piston system, which allows a greater diversity of substances to be used, from medications to physiological serums.In 10 minutes, 3 cm³ of medication are nebulized).
In Oxygen Therapy against stationary equipment, portable oxygen concentrators (POC) allow the patient to have their therapy without limitations outside the home. Thanks to its demand supply system, it provides an oxygen flow with the same amount and purity as larger and heavier household equipment.

In Orthopedic Products La Pinada we offer the Easy Pulse, a portable oxygen concentrator with only 3 kilos of weight, which guarantees long life and the possibility of coupling external batteries to double the time of use.


The purpose of aspiration of secretions is to maintain a permeable airway, removing from the bronchial tree secretions that the patient can not eliminate spontaneously, thus facilitating their breathing and correct oxygenation. In Orthopedic Products La Pinada we have the following vacuum cleaners:

  • Vac Pro (ideal for domestic use).
  • Vac Maxi (ideal for hospital and social health use, thanks to its greater power).
  • Vac Plus (suitable for mobile units, as it has an internal battery).
Pulsiometry is a non-invasive method based on pulse oximeters; devices that determine the level of oxygen saturation in a patient's hemoglobin. Its use extends to fields such as anesthesia, respiratory therapy, care and monitoring of patients with cardiopulmonary problems. The device emits light with two wavelengths of 660 nm (red) and 940 nm (infrared), and calculates the oxygen concentration as a comparison between the two.

Among our pulse oximeters we offer:

  • Digital finger pulse oximeter (automatic on and off and with plesymographic curve).
  • Hand-held digital pulse oximeter (data download by software, alarm and has the possibility of incorporating a special sensor for children and neonates).

We achieve the total satisfaction of our customers with high quality medical devices for different specialties. Contact us in Pinar de Campoverde, Pilar de la Horadada.
APEX analogue two channel TENS

Offers a pain treatment safely and comfortably. In addition, the TENS electronically stimulates the peripheral nerve with surface electrodes through the skin using portable equipment.

All this causes an analgesic effect in an effective, simple way and without side effects. It incorporates two channels with 3 stimulation modes: burst (B), continuous (C) and modulation (M).

Also, for continuous mode (C) incorporates timer from 30 to 60 min.
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