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  • Reclining chairs
  • Bed table with U-shaped base (suitable for wheelchairs and beds.It contains 4 wheels, two of them with brake and folds completely to facilitate storage).
  • Lift beds.
  • Beds articulated in 4 planes (with electric drives that can be independent, headboards, pieceros and metal folding handrails, with lifting trolleys that have independent wheels and brakes or adjustable legs in height.Sizes: 90 x 190, 105 x 190 cm).
  • Multi-leaf fixed bed base (90 x 190, 105 x 190, 135 x 190, 150 x 190 cm, also available in 200 cm)
  • Portagoteros
  • Incorporators
  • Viscoelastic pillows (covers with treatment in aloe vera Mod. Dormivisco).
  • Viscoelastic mattress (with waterproof cover, dimensions: 90 x 190, 105 x 190 cm, height 15 cm).
  • High density polyurethane mattress with waterproof cover (measures: 90 x 190, 105 x 190 cm, 15 cm high).
Electric articulated beds of three and four planes with lifting trucks
Removable safety handrail
Portable and fixed stretchers with or without wheels
Fixed electric crane for pool
Crane standing, lifting and transfer with harness included
Mobile and foldable electric crane
Inflatable antiescaras mattresses
Multi-position electric recliner and elevator
Air cell cushions with inflation pump, and visco gel adaptable antiescaras for the prevention of sores or ulcers on the skin
Fixed, mobile and folding auxiliary tables for bed and sofa
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